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Nisi Optimum!

Guiding Principles

It is essential that whatever you decide to do in life that you: clarify your target; strive to do your best; face each challenge along the way with determination, creativity and a smile; and support everyone you meet to experience and achieve the same!  When this happens it becomes contagious and success will follow.

About Us

Over the course of the last 30 years these guiding principles have been the means by which the founder and Managing Director of Nisi Optimum, Tony Crilly, has challenged himself.  Tony has lived and worked all over the world, for many different businesses, and delivered in a variety of different roles. From customer facing positions to leading both IT and HR functions for major multinationals. This blend of experience makes him distinctive amongst his peers and has enabled him to build an enviable network of like minded professionals.

What do you get?

If you are looking for gravitas, independence and value, that is a differentiator versus large management consultancies, then Tony can bring his experience, network and track record of success to your business to deliver in large scale HR leadership and transformation roles, or engage in change interventions and executive coaching assignments that enable you to re-focus your business and its leadership.

For more information contact Tony on +44(0)7799477538